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By itself a computer is nothing more than an expensive bookend ...
it's the software that makes your computer useful ...
We Develop Solutions and Support Software Users as well as Educate with Training Solutions
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Software Solutions Online Classrooms

In 2017 Software Solutions will be developing and releasing a number of Online Classrooms for Microsoft Office 2016 applications this is an alternative to attending a course and will offer clients the following, so please come back in 2017 regularly for updates:
  • Course Notes broken down in to fully illustrated Chapters
  • Chapters that are Step by Step and easy to follow 
  • Collection of Videos to watch and learn how to perform tasks 
  • Many and varied Exercises to practice what is learnt
  • Lab and Case Studies to earn Badges
  • Personal Student Cloud Folder to upload exercises and labs
  • Certificate on successful completion
  • Pre-Training Assessment to gauge knowledge level
  • Post-Training Assessment to measure ROI and growth
  • A Shortcut Key Template to attach to your screen 
  • The Key Template is to help you learn the fast keys
  • Collection of Quizzes to see how much you have learnt 
  • Email  the teacher directly for support
  • Skype the teacher directly for support
  • Material written by Software Solutions 
  • New Zealand terminology, references and examples
  • Packages for all Skill Levels
  • Whether Self Taught, Beginners or Advanced
  • Learn at a Time and at a Pace that suits you 
  • Learn in the Privacy of your own work space
  • Learn Online or Offline
  • All material can be downloaded and worked with offline
  • Enter the classroom as many times and whenever you need

Classrooms Available

Our List of Online Classrooms will grow as they are released in 2017 

  • Microsoft Excel "The Essentials" Stage One
  • Microsoft Excel "Functions, Charts & More" Stage Two
  • Microsoft Excel "Data Manipulation" Stage Three
  • Microsoft Excel "Macros & VBA Programming" Stage Four
  • Microsoft Word "The Essentials" Stage One
  • Microsoft Word "Smarter, Faster & more Professional" Stage Two
  • Microsoft Word "Long & Complex Documents" Stage Three
  • Mastering Microsoft Outlook
  • Mastering Microsoft Project
  • Mastering Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Mastering Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Access "The Essentials" Stage One
  • Microsoft Access "Relationships, Queries & Report Design" Stage Two
  • Microsoft Access "Advanced Form Design" Stage Three 
  • more coming ....

Online Classroom Trial

If you would like to trial the Software Solutions Online Classrooms contact us and we will send you a link to a sample trial Classroom

Unlike attending classes, these videos, quizzes can be replayed as many times as you wish, and the notes, labs and exercise files can be read and done at your own pace, so you learn at your own speed and time and don't have to deal with the pressure of trying to keep up with others or being held back by others in the class. With our Online Classrooms you can truly teach yourself to use a software application effectively without the commitment of going to class.