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Microsoft Project for the Web

We appreciate the many different learning styles that people have and so we offer face-to-face in-person instructor-led  Courses as well as attending the course remotely using Microsoft Teams. Below are the Course Outlines detailing what is covered in each course and the Course Dates until the end of the year as well as a link to book yourself on a Course or contact me directly. Alternatively, teach yourself completely in your own time and pace by enrolling in the Online Classroom option for each course.


This is a course that is tailored to your Teams environment

This course is an on demand course, and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Mastering Microsoft Project for the Web

Attend face to face or remote video via MS Teams.

Cost: $350+GST per person

Duration: 8:30 am to 1:00pm

Class size: 1-5 attendees

Course Outline

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