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Microsoft Excel

Versions 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016

We appreciate the many different learning styles that people have and so we offer face to face instructor led Training Courses and below you can see the Course Outline of what is covered in each course and the Training Dates available and a link to Book yourself on a Course date.  Or teach yourself by enrolling in the Online Classroom.

"The Essentials" Stage One

"Functions, Charts & More" Stage Two
"Data Manipulation" Stage Three (Stage Two is NOT a prerequisite to Three)

"Macros & VBA Programming" Stage Four


Hi Cathi, I have been using Excel since 2001 and Lotus 2.1 & 2.2 for about 5 years prior to this and have learnt a lot since this time. My friend Google has been with me on this journey as I enjoy using excel as a tool to problem solve everyday issues to create Excel applications to support our organisation in whatever way I can. This has been very rewarding in itself knowing that you can create something that makes someone’s life or job much easier.

Even after all this experience there were many ‘gold nuggets’ that I learned in this one day course that will increase my productivity. I was blown away with the learning that took place in this accelerated learning session. I talked with my team mates after the session and there are many that I would consider more experienced than I and we all agreed that this was good value for us all.  It’s the little look forward to watching  the videos as I know there is so much more one can learn if the session was anything to go by. I have already started promoting your course to others in our organisation and other colleagues I know. Many thanks Greg Te Whanau O Waipareira

"You are a genius – it was so obvious but when you spend too long on an issue you sometimes lose sight of the big picture. Over the years I have done numerous courses and attended seminars on everything from time management to team building but yours was the only training course I attended that had any practical merit, when I left TDC I filled a skip bin with paper from these courses/seminars but your Excel (level 3) manual was the only thing that didn’t get chucked! Once again thanks" Seth Taupo District Council

I have really enjoyed the course and have learned a lot but also realise there is so much more to VBA. It’s really exciting to be able to start writing code in exl. Iam looking forward to putting the things I learned into practice.

Thank you.