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Microsoft OneNote

We appreciate the many different learning styles that people have and so we offer face-to-face in-person instructor-led Courses as well as attending the course remotely using Microsoft Teams. Below are the Course Outlines detailing what is covered in each course and the Course Dates until the end of the year as well as a link to book yourself on a Course or contact me directly. Alternatively, teach yourself completely in your own time and pace by enrolling in the Online Classroom option for each course.

Do you scribble great ideas down on a piece of paper or sticky note? Don't lose track of where you put the piece of paper, file your ideas in style! OneNote has got you covered in whatever way you shape your thoughts. Type, write or draw with the free form feel of pen to paper. Search the web and clip picture ideas. Keep everyone up to date and on the same wavelength through the collaborative features that OneNote offers. Here is a note to remember. OneNote works on any device or platform and content can be accessed from anywhere, even if you are offline.

Mastering MS OneNote (with MS Office)

Attend Remotely

You can attend this course remotely using MS Teams

OR Teach Yourself

Online Classroom

Mastering MS OneNote for Windows 

Attend Remotely

You can attend this course remotely using MS Teams

OR Teach Yourself

Online Classroom

Click to see what the difference is between OneNote (Windows) and OneNote (MS Office)

It is important you book the correct version of OneNote as they are quite different.


"The “bright” sunshine has returned to Whakatane today with it your email and a reminder of your “bright” personality and energy, great way to start the day. Your service development looks impeccable and matches your service delivery. Have a great day." Peter Selwyn Whakatane Mill​

"Good morning Malcolm and Chelan, this is the contact details for the Microsoft Guru I was telling you about yesterday - Cathi Barker. I highly recommend her for any Microsoft product training - including One Note." Mel Hartwell

DURATION: 8:30 AM to 1 PM

FACE-TO-FACE PRICE: $350+GST per person per course

REMOTE ATTENDANCE: $305+GST per person per course

CLASS SIZE: 5 (MAX) typically 2-3 in a class

QUALIFICATION: Certificate of Completion

TRAINER: Certified Microsoft Master Instructor


Needs Analysis and Skill Assessment

AFTER COURSE CARE: Unlimited free lifetime email support, courseware, key template, exercise files, quizzes and videos that match the course.


EVENING CLASSES: Yes on request

WEEKEND CLASSES: Yes on request

PRIVATE TUITION:Yes on request


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