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The Microsoft Access Essentials Online Course has all the essential information that all database users need to know to build a database with Microsoft Access. It doesn't matter what you are using Access for, this course is relevant to all Access users. Whether you are a beginner, self-taught or moving from another application or version there is a lot of useful and essential information in this course that you will benefit from and enjoy.   This course includes best practices and loads of shortcuts and tips to make using Access enjoyable. 


The online course includes videos that you can watch and rewind to learn techniques, step-by-step instructions to follow, and loads of exercises and quizzes to reinforce your learning.  The course comes with a tutor who you can call, email or meet via MS Teams if you need that extra bit of support.


At the completion of the course, you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.


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Comprehensive coverage of:

  • coverage of database design
  • creating tables from scratch
  • a clear understanding of data types and field properties
  • creating queries based on more than one table with multiple criteria and sorting capability
  • creating forms based on tables or queries
  • creating reports based on tables or queries
  • establishing relationships including enforced referential integrity, cascade update and cascade delete
  • and more


This Online Course is ideal, if you struggle to find time to attend a course, and you want to learn in the privacy of your own home, during the hours that you find the most convenient. Learn at your own speed and in your own time and don't deal with the pressure of trying to learn in a group classroom setting. Your online classroom does not expire, so you can take your time and you have access to your own personal tutor via phone, email or MS Teams.

Microsoft Access - The Essentials Online Course (Level 1)

Excluding GST
  • A basic understanding of database objects.

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