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DURATION: 8:30 AM to 1 PM

FACE-TO-FACE PRICE: $350+GST per person per course

REMOTE ATTENDANCE: $305+GST per person per course.


QUALIFICATION: Certificate of Completion

TRAINER: Certified Microsoft Master Instructor

PRE-COURSE CARE: Needs Analysis and Skill Assessment

AFTER COURSE CARE: Unlimited free lifetime email support, courseware, key template, exercise files, quizzes, and videos that match the course.


EVENING CLASSES: Yes on request

WEEKEND CLASSES: Yes on request

PRIVATE TUITION: Yes on request

Microsoft SharePoint Online

We appreciate the many different learning styles that people have and so we offer face-to-face in-person instructor-led Courses as well as attending the course remotely using Microsoft Teams. Below are the Course Outlines detailing what is covered in each course and the Course Dates until the end of the year as well as a link to book yourself on a Course or contact me directly. Alternatively, teach yourself completely in your own time and pace by enrolling in the Online Classroom option for each course.

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Document Management

SharePoint Online Web Parts & Web Design

SharePoint Online Image

The Importance of SharePoint Training

SharePoint is not simple file sharing and synchronizing of devices or a simple network drive. SharePoint was designed to be a completely independent ecosystem of components (web parts) to support business needs and enhance collaboration. It is a system that stands on its own but also interfaces with many other business applications.

SharePoint is not easy, for most users, it is a complicated piece of technology that completely changes what users know about content sharing and collaboration.

Users need to understand how to navigate around the site and what all the buttons on the ribbon do. They also need to be aware of the consequences of their actions in SharePoint, if they are given access to SharePoint we need to educate and raise their awareness of document security and integrity.

SharePoint gives power to users; they can do so much more than copy and paste documents. They can download a document, upload a document, check it out and check it back in, revert to the previous version control, promote the document for approval, share the document externally, and set alerts when a document or folder undergoes changes, and the list goes on.

SharePoint can do a great job enforcing a new or existing business process. That means process change for the users. If you enable the SharePoint document approval feature, your users will need to learn this process. Training is always a great time to reinforce why change is important and how SharePoint will help solve problems. New features require new training. Don’t expect people to know about the “alerts” feature, just because the button appears right up there in the ribbon.

You won’t let someone behind the wheel of the car who was not properly trained in driving, would you? So why would you put your users in charge of your company files and data without training?

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