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Any day except Monday!


Of all the weekdays, Monday has the fewest fans and is the least loved.

We know Mondays have a bad reputation; and in any research, survey, or poll Monday always rates as the least favourite day of the typical workweek.

Multiple studies suggest that people’s moods are typically at their lowest on Mondays, and people tend to be the least productive on a Monday.

Monday is the melancholy subject of many songs; “Rainy Days and Mondays” by the Carpenters, “I Don’t Like Mondays” by the Boomtown Rats, and “Manic Monday” by the Bangles.

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Learning Every Day: Unraveling the Best Days to Dive into Knowledge

Curious about the optimal days for learning? While Mondays might have a bad reputation, let's explore why every other day of the week is a prime opportunity for absorbing knowledge and maximising your learning potential.

  1. Tuesday Triumph: Tuesdays come with a fresh start to the week, and research suggests that people tend to be more focused and productive on this day. Dive into your studies with a renewed energy and conquer the mid-week challenges.

  2. Wednesday Wisdom: Midweek brings stability, making it an excellent time to delve into complex subjects. By Wednesday, you've settled into the week, and your mind is ready to tackle more in-depth concepts.

  3. Thursday Thrive: As the weekend approaches, Thursday provides a sweet spot for learning. The anticipation of the upcoming break can serve as motivation, pushing you to wrap up the week on a high note academically.

  4. Fantastic Fridays: Fridays offer a unique blend of productivity and the excitement of the approaching weekend. Use this day to tie up loose ends, reinforce what you've learned during the week, and set the stage for a relaxing weekend.


While Mondays might get a bad rap, the rest of the week is a canvas of learning opportunities. Each day brings its unique advantages, whether it's the fresh start of Tuesday, the stability of Wednesday, the anticipation of Thursday, the productivity of Friday, the leisure of Saturday, or the reflective atmosphere of Sunday. Embrace the diversity of the week, and let every day be a stepping stone in your continuous journey of learning and growth.

The Monday Myth: Debunking the Notion of Learning on the First Day of the Week

Ever felt a bit sluggish on Mondays? You're not alone. In this blog, we'll delve into the reasons why Mondays might not be the ideal day for intensive learning and how adjusting your approach can lead to a more productive week.


  1. The Monday Blues: Monday often comes with a phenomenon known as the "Monday Blues." It's a day when people may feel a bit low on energy or motivation after the weekend. Trying to jump into intense learning on this day might be met with resistance from your own natural rhythm.

  2. Transition Mode: Monday is typically a transitional day. People are shifting gears from the weekend mindset to work or study mode. This transition can create a mental lag, making it challenging to dive into complex subjects right away.

  3. Overcoming Weekend Distractions: After a weekend of relaxation, getting back into a focused learning routine on Monday can be challenging. Distractions from weekend activities might still linger, impacting your ability to concentrate.

  4. Workload Adjustment: Many individuals find Mondays overloaded with tasks and responsibilities, both at work and in personal life. Attempting to squeeze in intensive learning may contribute to stress and hinder the overall learning experience.

  5. Building Momentum: Instead of starting the week with heavy learning, consider using Monday to ease into the week. Focus on review, setting goals, and planning for the days ahead. Building momentum gradually can lead to more sustainable learning throughout the week.


While Mondays might not be the prime time for deep learning, it doesn't mean the entire week is a wash. Acknowledging the natural ebb and flow of energy and motivation can help you plan your learning activities more effectively. Consider Mondays as a day for preparation and easing into the week, paving the way for a smoother and more productive learning journey ahead.

For this reason Software Solutions does not timetable courses on a Monday.

What Day is a Good day for Learning?

Cathi Barker

Microsoft Master Instructor

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Educator in the private and public sector for nearly 40 years

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