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Microsoft Excel 2016 - Level 2 - Functions, Charts & More - Courseware


The Downloadable Package Includes: 

  • The Book
  • The Shortcut Key Template
  • Exercise File(s)
  • Unlimited Email Support

This package is a comprehensive coverage of what follows our “The Essentials” Stage One package that every Excel user needs to know to fully benefit from the functionality offered by Excel. This package walks the user through popular and powerful functions in Excel such as IF, FREQUENCY, SUMIFS, and VLOOKUP functions. It also teaches the user how to make use of powerful features such as absolute referencing (which every Excel user needs to know), auditing, protecting, linking, conditional formatting and charting and more, hence the title “Functions, Charts & More”. The People who would benefit from this book are those that have done our “The Essentials” Stage One package, and those who are self-taught and want to “fill in the gaps” and ensure they have a complete understanding of Excel and how to get the most out of Excel.

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